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You are brewing a brilliant idea. Who could help you validate your thinking and start? Contact us right now!


You started a purposeful business and wrapped a devoted team around it and secured early adopters who believed in your story. What’s next?


You disrupt, grow and expand, and you hire like crazy? Growing is invigorating! Is your brand following or leading?

Do you want to START?

Do you feel ready to make the first step of your entrepreneurial journey?

Do you want to $CALE?

Until you manage to sell your idea, you just have a hobby. Improve your SALES tools

Do you want to STAY?

In it for the long haul?

Create an iconic BRAND


Rudolf Voigt



smartset joined our team in July 2018 with lots of energy and initiative, serving as a mirror to us.


They moderated a workshop where we opened the ‚box of opportunities‘ a little further than some of us expected, but it was a much needed and exciting development. We have a lot of challenging tasks to tackle from here on out, but the team is onboard.​​

Dominik Bernert

Enterprise Business Representative


Raya is a great listener and good at asking the right questions – questions that make you think about how and why you act/think the way you do. 

I especially liked the fact that Raya is a strategist: Every exercise we did had a hidden agenda, even if this was not obvious in the beginning.

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smartset GmbH
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81925 Munich



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