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We create or streamline complete sales operations for small to mid-sized start-ups and businesses.


smartset is a concept that allows our consultants to join you as teammates for a short but sufficient amount of time. We come with the same passion,  and belief in the success of your story,  well-equipped with knowledge, discipline, and motivation for SALES.

smartset supports companies by implementing scalable processes, improving skills that make your people more productive and teach every team member how to engage, influence, persuade, negotiate and sell more efficiently.


We will audit your current practices to pinpoint weaknesses as well as potentials to build a leaner, more effective BizDev environment and we support, until the habit change into more productivity. In a nutshell, we free people from tools and workflows that soak up their energy and give them back what is needed for peak performance, sales and fun. We give people back their time to create real value.

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We work relentlessly on building the best-in-class business development or sales teams with great professionalism, proper competencies allocation, effective & efficient from profitability & quality perspective, ensuring seamless new clients’ experience.

Business owners






As a business owner, you save time that you would rather spend on strategy, pitching, and meeting investors. 


Concentrated know-how on such an essential topic as sales will boost your entire operations. You not only save but earn money. Investing in creating a methodology on how to sell more is smart, sharp and forward-thinking.

As a business development director, you get tangible service and measurable results. You cross-check how your team performs and what improvements areas there are.


You leave with a full set of sales tools that guarantee your right communication with your prospective clients. Your team is now fully trained and prepared to go get them! ​

As a sales professional, you will master the complete sales cycle, learning from one source and saving time browsing tons of materials on the topic.


You will go home with comprehensive know-how and the most important one: how to sell yourself!

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